In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mediterranean islands plead for sustainability and international collaboration as the way forward for tourism


There will be no future for tourism if sustainability and international collaboration are not part of the solution. In a very peculiar time for tourism, an event organised by ACR+ and the European Parliament Intergroup on Climate Change, Biodiversity & Sustainable Development discussed the role that circular economy plays in the future of tourism and in the recovery phase after the COVID-19 pandemic.



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The BLUEISLANDS project aims to identify, address and mitigate the effect of the seasonal variation of waste generated on Mediterranean islands as an effect of tourism.

In the summer season, mediterranean islands host a far greater population. This is beneficial for the local economies, but it also places a great burden on the local infrastructures, especially for waste management systems. By improving knowledge about waste streams, building common guidelines and improving synergies among MED islands’ communities, BLUEISLANDS project aims to promote sustainable tourism patterns and fuel local loops of circular economy.


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Capacity building, knowledge sharing and networking were the main objectives of BLUEISLANDS transferring phase

Solutions for zero-waste territories in the Mediterranean were brought to the fore as part of the Days of Ecological Transition and Circular Economy

The first module of the project ends with a fruitful studying phase


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