Mitigating wastewater impact

Wastewater treatment plants are often undersized to deal with the increase in wastewater during the high season tourist peak. The effect is the alteration of ecosystems and of seawater quality with negative repercussions on tourism itself.

BLUEISLANDS is developing a monitoring system to investigate the quality of coastal seawater through short-term macroalgae deployments. The experiments will be carried out in three areas before, during and at the end of the touristic season.

Data collected from the experiments will be needed in further project phases to draw:

  • Maps indicating the occurrence and the extent of plumes of nutrient and organic matter of anthropogenic origin
  • Warning system of seawater quality in coastal touristic destinations
  • Alert for competent authorities highlighting the eventual need for improved standards for sewage discharge, coastal use
  • Indications on the necessity to minimize and mitigate impact of tourism on marine ecosystems.