A system to reuse used cooking oil in Crete, developed in the municipality of Rethymno.

The Life DEBAg project acting to target the impacts of plastic bags in the sea.

A good practice from the Island of Krk, in Croatia, on reuse of useful waste.

CoNISMa monitored coastal seawater quality through macroalgae samplings.

Some results on the composition of marine litter collected.

Reaching almost 1 year of implementation, the BLUEISLANDS project has already implemented a series of activities.

The report "Reviving the Economy of the Mediterranean Sea: Actions for a sustainable future" shows that while the Mediterranean Sea has a key role for the economy of the region, at the same time the...

Both as waste and marine litter, plastic ends up in seas and oceans, causing environmental problems. Active actions are crucial to cope with this problem.

The European Parliament organised a workshop dealing with the topic of marine litter.

A case history from our partner Ea eco-enterprises