Primorje-Gorski Kotar County contributes to MED Community policy recommendations on sustainable tourism

Partners from different MED projects discussed how to exploit the full potential of tourism

BLUEISLANDS partner Primorje-Gorski Kotar County participated in a MED Sustainable Tourism Community workshop and conference which was held in Split, Croatia, on 27 and 28 March 2019. On this occasion, partners from different MED projects part of the Community worked together towards the drafting of the policy recommendations.

Two workshops were organised, one facilitated by the Community Building team and the other one by the Capitalisation teams of the BlueTourMed project and four external experts.

During the first one, participants had the opportunity to identify priorities of capitalisation actions and work on how to harmonise their final and most important tangible outputs as a MED Community, while presenting potential synergies and follow-up on activities of their projects towards the end of the testing period and the beginning of the capitalisation and transferring period.

The second Workshop was oriented towards the finalisation of the “policy factsheets” of working groups, composed by modular projects representatives, capitalisation experts from the modular projects, external experts, and policy-makers in order to contribute to the production of the policy recommendations to be presented at the final conference of the Community.   

The conference underlined tourism sector as one of the largest income generators in the Mediterranean, since leisure time activities make tourism the leading economic sector in terms of gross added value and employment. Moreover, despite the economic and social importance, tourism development creates unnecessary pressures on the natural and urban environment, endangering the quality of life of the local population, degrading resources and consequently negatively affecting future development.

Besides, at the Conference it was discussed how exploitation of the full potential of tourism requires an innovative approach and a sustainable basis through the development and implementation of effective strategies throughout the Mediterranean region.  That is the reason why projects partners must find new findings in strategic planning, monitoring of tourism trends and ways of reducing negative ecological, cultural and social impacts, sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean.

The presentations and conclusions of the event are available here.