Sardinia leading the way on banning disposable plastic items

Sardinian municipalities and Cagliari soccer team going plastic-free

In Sardinia, as in other meridional Italian regions, several municipalities decided to anticipate the deadline to adjust to the European Directive banning disposable plastic items by 2021.

Here are the virtuous municipalities that are leading the way:

  • The Municipality of Carloforte will ban the commercialisation and the usage of disposable plastic objects as plastic plates, straws and plastic cutlery. This is part of their plastic-free ordinance, which has already been and will enter into force on 17 June 2019;
  • The Municipality of Olbia banned the usage of disposable plastic and smoking starting from 1 June 2019. Their disposable plastic ban will take effect in the seaside as well as in other sensible areas like archeological sites, public parks and urban squares. The smoking ban will impede to light cigarettes anywhere closer than 8 meters from the seaside and outside appropriate equipped areas.
  • Badesi, Aglientu, Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola, Arzachena, Olbia, Posada, Loiri Porto San Paolo, San Teodoro, Siniscola, Castiadas, and Sant’Antioco are other coastal municipalities who are banning the usage of disposable plastic. Among them, some have extended the ban inside school canteens and public offices.

Another important initiative is being carried out by Cagliari Calcio, the main soccer team in the region. It is the first Serie A team that, starting from 11 May 2019, has banned the usage of disposable plastic items inside the stadium during the games. Plastic has been replaced by PLA, a biodegradable material with a plastic-like consistency. In order to understand the extent of the initiative, it is important to state that almost four thousand plastic glasses were usually consumed per game.

Cagliari Calcio launched the hashtag #ilnostroimpegno (our effort) in order to support the campaign promoted by Legambiente and Ichnusa, a local beer brand, aiming to quit the usage of one of the principal causes of environmental pollution.