Sharing knowledge and experience

Capacity building, knowledge sharing and networking were the main objectives of BLUEISLANDS transferring phase

A series of international and regional workshops were organised during BLUEISLANDS' transferring phase with the purpose to share best practices and key results about waste management to be implemented and replicated into other territories. These events were organised in Marseille, where a transnational event took place in December 2019, and in each partner island during the first months of 2020.

The events brought together experts, scientists, NGOs, professionals from the HORECA and clean tech sectors, citizens, public authorities and institutions. We took advantage of this local events to share the waste management handbook, which was translated in the project local languages for a larger scale impact.

The attendants were also invited to think together about how waste management could be improved in the future at islands level, and at a wider level, in the whole Mediterranean basin. The workshops represented perfect opportunities for local public and private stakeholders to design or pre-design local strategies and/or action plans for waste prevention, reduction and valorisation and move towards circular economy. The Region of Crete decided to go even farther and signed a local Memoradum of Cooperation with the local stakeholders for implementing real initiatives for waste management. The main conclusions and recommendations as well as strategic actions underlined during these events were gathered and put together into the project Next Steps Plan.