Monitoring of the quality of coastal seawater was carried out to evaluate the presence and distribution of anthropogenic nutrients.

As part of BLUEISLANDS activities, marine litter surveys and sand samples collection were conducted on beaches of 8 islands of the Mediterranean Sea

The campaign “Raising Environmental Awareness”, implemented by the waste management body DEDISA, started in 2005 in the Region of Crete

Find the recordings of the 4 capacity building webinars organised by the BLUEISLANDS project.

On 24 April, BLUEISLANDS was presented at the event "SMARTISLANDWORLDCONGRESS", in Mallorca.

The Dubrovnik-Neretva county tackles marine litter through the (H2020) URBAN-WASTE project.

Blue bag is an initiave thought to engage everyone and help in saving the sea from waste.

Are you a manager of a coastal and marine protected area or a marine litter practitioner? Are you interested in filling in the ‘data gaps’ that hamper an effective implementation of essential...

ISWA's Marine Litter Task Force report "Prevent Marine Plastic Litter - Now", released.

The Belgian Council of Ministers approved last 23 November the Marine Litter Action Plan to fight marine litter in the North Sea.